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Heartland Super Cup Weekend 1 Recap

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

By: Salvatore Sesti

Game 1: Recap

The first match of the tournament featured the marquee match-up of two strong teams Santa Fe Wanderers an established force in the Kansas City area with a history of success in tournaments and league cups against Sunflower State FC the new kids on the block taking the region by storm with win after win against some impressive opponents.

The game started off disjointed, both teams showing some nervous energy. There were are few bad giveaways on defense that led to early chances on both sides. Santa Fe Wanderers looked crisp in possession but could not get anything going in the final third of the pitch. Sunflower State on the other hand, looked sloppy on the ball to begin with but were they showed their quality very soon.

After an extended period of time played in the middle third, there was a change of possession on the wing that led to SSFC getting in behind the Wanderer’s defense, Nick McDonald beat another man and was through on goal when he was taken down in the box. The whistle blew and he took the penalty, coolly slotting it home to the bottom left corner.

1-0 Sunflower State FC

The Wanderers wanted to get back in the game quickly and pushed up the field after the restart to try and find and equalizer, but another give away led to a fast break the other way for SSFC. Nick McDonald once again found himself in front of goal and this time from open play made it 2-0 SSFC.