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Sunflower State FC Vs Barilleros FC - 6/20/20

Sunflower State FC continued their hot start to 2020 following up their 9-0 victory two weeks ago with a 4-1 victory over Barilleros FC on Saturday evening. The match kicked off at 6pm at Platte County High School on another hot June day. Both teams are in the late stages of preparations for the upcoming Heartland Super Cup tournament which will kickoff next weekend. Each side came in looking to sharpen up and build team chemistry for the rest of the summer season.

With games having been in limited supply in recent months SSFC and Barilleros were both hungry for competition and the game did not disappoint. From kickoff both sides were locked in and brought a physicality to the game that has become common place in matches between the two teams. Sunflower State FC got the scoring started with a goal from forward Trevor Cissel in the 32nd minute and Girma Kassa added to the lead just before halftime giving SSFC a 2 - 0 advantage going into the half. After the break action resumed quickly and the intensity picked up with Barilleros FC earning a yellow card in the 54th minute. Head coach and forward Nick McDonald took advantage of the momentum and found the back of the net two minutes later with a smooth back heal. Ben Wilhoit then added a fourth goal for SSFC continuing their dominance in the game and further cementing their stance as a top team in Kansas City. Barilleros FC continued to fight and compete through the end of the game getting on the board in the 85th minute ending Sunflower's 13 straight unanswered goals street and bringing the final score to 4 - 1.


Trevor Cissel (2)

Girma Kassa (3)

Nick McDonald (2)

Ben Wilhoit (1)

Sunflower will have one more tune up game this coming Wednesday before beginning play in Heartland Super Cup 2020 on June 27th. Catch all the action Wednesday morning through livestream at and be sure to stay up to date with all things Sunflower on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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