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Sunflower State FC Vs. United Kansas City FC - 6/7/20


Sunflower State FC kicked off the 2020 season this Saturday with a friendly match against Kansas City local team United Kansas City FC at Winnatonka high school. It was a much anticipated return to the pitch for both teams this year after covid forced league delays and cancellations. Sunflower started of the match nearly as hot as the weather, opening the scoring in the fourth minute with a goal from Trevor Cissell. From that point on there was no looking back for Sunflower as they dominated in every facet of the game tallying six goals before halftime. Sunflower continued their game dominance in the second half, adding three more goals for a final score of 9-0. It was an impressive opening performance for SSFC that made a resounding statement to all area teams that Sunflower State FC is a force to be reckoned with in Kansas City.



4th Minute: Trevor Cissell (1)

28th Minute: Nick McDonald (1)

33rd Minute: Girma Kassa (1)

36th Minute: Wyatt Fowler (1)

43rd Minute: Carson Wells (1)

45th Minute: Girma Kassa (2)

55th Minute: Absalom Solorio (1)

60th Minute: Mike Keon (1)

78th Minute: Dylan Brown (1)


Next Game: June 20th against Barilleros FC at Wyandotte Sporting Fields

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