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Front Office and Leadership Team

Joseph Lipoff - President and Sponsorships Director
                            - (913)314-3982
Andrew Lentell - General Manager and Technical Director
                             -  (913) 638-8869
Charles Salazar - Financial Director
Nick Van Nortwick - Marketing and Club Promotions Advisor

Salvadore Sesti - Director of Marketing and PR
Cesar "Checha" Tovar - Community Relations
John Stein
 - Vendor and Business Development Coordinator                    
Bryan Clark - Adult League Coordinator and Sponsorships Team
Eric Lurtz- Social Media and Advertising Coordinator

Nick Mcdonald - Director of Coaching and Youth Development

Chandler Givler - Youth Development Coordinator
Chance Waddell - Senior Graphic Designer
Chris Guldenpfennig
- Game Day Associate                     
Sam McClure - Club Photographer

Jennifer Romney - Youth Club Social Media Coordinator

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