Sunflower State FC relies heavily on our fantastic sponsors and future sponsors to continue to operate and provide competition opportunities to young players. Your contributions are an integral part in allowing us to support these gifted athletes and allow them to compete at the US Division 4 professional level, which is classified as semi-pro/minor league soccer. A large percentage of players are unable to afford the costs of transportation, equipment, jerseys, and other related expenses. Our goal is to allow athletes that want to continue to improve as a player and as a person the opportunity to do so, without money being a barrier. Our partnerships with Soccernation Academy and YouthRise Jaguars also help us further this mission in our community. Some of the funds provided by sponsors also allow us to further support these organizations by providing additional resources and playing opportunities. We aim to create a soccer organization for all types of players that not only allows them to advance and improve on the field, but also encourages growth and personal development off the field. We believe everyone needs to be prepared for the next chapter of life as much as they do for the next level of play. We are only able to accomplish these things because of generous support from our sponsors.

Neuromics - Official 2020-2021 Title Sponsor of Sunflower State FC
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Soccer Nation
Official Indoor Soccer Partner of Sunflower State FC
Auto Ofertas KC
Official Car Dealership of Sunflower State FC
Williams Family Dentistry
Official Dentists of Sunflower State FC
360 Fitness
Official Sports Performance Provider of Sunflower State FC
APEX Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Official Sports Medicine Doctor's of Sunflower State FC
Hellebusch Tool and Die
Official Tool Manufacturer of Sunflower State FC
D&K Roofing and Siding
Official Roofer's of Sunflower State FC
Outlaw Gloves
Official Goalie Gear Provider of Sunflower State FC
Skadi Soccer
Official Jersey Provider of Sunflower State FC
Full 90 Fitness
Official Gym of Sunflower State FC
How Healthcare Works
Official Healthcare Consultants of Sunflower State FC